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Event Slides: 2009 Annual Concept Schools Conference

Are leaders born or made? It's an age-old question that suggests that leadership might be reserved for a fortunate few. The truth is that the ability to lead, just like the knowledge needed to perform math and science, is something that individuals can learn. So where are tomorrow's leaders going to acquire the qualities that they'll need? From teachers, no doubt. That is my message this weekend to a group of educators at the 2009 Annual Concept Schools Conference. You can view the slides for that talk at slideshare.

At the conference, I'll also introduce school administrators to the concept of values-based leadership -- that is, how to inspire high performance as a result of promoting and living by the values and mission of your organization. Those slides are available here.
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Very thoughtfull post on leadership. It should be very much helpfull.

Karim - Mind Power

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