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My friend and editor Laurel Marshfield has begun a blog for authors and writers called Your Book Your Self. It is full of advice, success stories, encouragement, and inspiration for current and future authors. Through her editorial services business, Blue Horizon Communications, Laurel sees firsthand the obstacles authors face. And as a professional writer and editor with over twenty-five years of experience, she knows how to help authors circumvent those obstacles. Her new blog provides an avenue for Laurel to share her insights into what it takes to be an author.

As much as I respect Laurel's talent as a writer and an editor, what I value most from our working relationship is her constant inspiration. She seems to sense whenever I get sidetracked from writing, because a gentle nudge arrives in my email inbox in the form of an encouraging note.

But please don't take my word for Laurel's ability to inspire writers. Read her latest post about the Susan Boyle phenomenon -- and what it tells authors about success -- and see for yourself.
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