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Griffin Hospital

Griffin Hospital is obsessed with patient care. The Derby, Connecticut facility's mission statement declares, "Griffin Hospital is committed to providing personalized, humanistic, consumer-driven health care in a healing environment." To make sure it fulfills that commitment, the hospital measures patient satisfaction incessantly by surveying 100 of its discharged patients every month. For three years in a row, its former inpatients gave Griffin a 97 percent satisfaction rating.

But its patients are not the only people satisfied with the hospital. As it has every year since 1999, Griffin made it onto Fortune's list of the "100 Best Places to Work for in America" in 2008. Factored into the rankings is how workers grade their organizations for credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie, and Griffin's staff members give their employer high marks indeed. But more revealing than the Fortune honor is Griffin's impressive applicant pool. Last year, the hospital received 6,691 applications for only 180 open positions. Let that sink in a moment: that's an average of thirty-seven applicants for every job opening. What's more, Griffin's pay scales are 5-7 percent lower than other area hospitals. Why would people be so eager to work for Griffin when they could earn more elsewhere? Clearly, the hospital's focus on providing extraordinary patient care attracts healthcare workers who share that obsession. In other words, Griffin's core values align with its applicants' individual core values.

Griffin Hospital is proof that, when selecting employers, job candidates are focusing less on financial rewards and more on values. How obsessive are you about your organization's mission statement.

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