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Who Are Your Heroes?

Matt Langdon has a new blog called The Hero Workshop. Matt is dedicated to promoting heroic behavior in young people, and he wants to be sure we're giving them the proper role models. His recent posts suggest we're using the wrong definitions of the word hero:
"The notion that a person acknowledged for great achievement in a field is a hero troubles me. The modern world's tight focus on celebrity ensures that those people with celebrity status are at the forefront of the public's thoughts on heroes. This, coupled with the achievement definition, creates an environment where sports stars are worshipped as heroes.

"Is a hero more than that? I believe character is at the core of the true definition of the word hero. A hero understands the nature of responsibility, has a respect for the importance of others, helps others, does amazing things, and accepts life's quest."
Check out Matt's blog and let him know who your heroes are.
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