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What Were They Thinking?

Does your boss treat you like a child? Janet Orlando can probably top your worst story. She quit her job at Alarm One, less than a year after she joined the Fresno, California home-security company, after being spanked at work.

Court records from Orlando's sexual discrimination lawsuit describe how Alarm One used competition between sales teams to motivate its sales force. During weekly sales meetings, losers had to eat baby food and wear diapers. For added humiliation, supervisors spanked losing team members with a competitor's metal yard sign as coworkers cheered and shouted lewd comments. Salespeople who arrived late for a meeting, or who talked out of turn, were also subject to a spanking. "The spankings also were used to increase productivity from its work force," said the company's lawyer.

Defending itself, Alarm One said the practice wasn't discriminatory because supervisors spanked male as well as female employees. Besides, said the company, participation in the activity was voluntary. The jury disagreed, and spanked Alarm One with a $1.7 million judgment for Orlando.

The company says it has since abandoned the practice.
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