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All in the Line of Duty?

Business people are obsessed with lines. How else do you explain the countless references to lines in our daily business language?

Of course, we're all interested in the bottom line. We know that to increase profits, we need additional top line revenue, more production from all our business lines, and to pay closer attention to each line item. We'd better move some of those expenses below the line. Otherwise, our forecasts will be way off line and we'll default on our credit line.

Some companies like to encourage front line employees to color outside the lines. Others take a tough line and want workers to toe the line while following the Party line. Regardless, it's important to walk a fine line lest you venture out of line.

Did you see someone cross the line? Go online to our ethics chat line; simply type "embezzler" in the command line. If you'd rather talk offline, use the 800 line to call our ethics hotline. We've also got an ethics helpline--it's the same people, but the name sounds friendlier so you're more apt to report wrongdoing. But please, don't call Dateline.

Our new product line is top-of-the-line. We need to keep the assembly line running so we can keep our price line high. I hope they complete labor negotiations by the deadline and avoid a picket line.

Companies like to use sporting metaphors. We're at the starting line now, but we need to cross the goal line. We've sent in our best line-up because the game is on the line and they're our last line of defense.

Organizational charts can be confusing, what with all the lines. You might have a straight line to one boss and a dotted line to another. It's best to have the inside line and a direct line to the CEO. Are you in line for a promotion? If not, call the job line to see what's available.

If you're in the leadership line of fire, and you overuse jargon, you might be putting your career on the line. If your employees are confused, bemused, or embarrassed by what you're saying, how will they follow you? Master Both Listening and Speaking by sending to the end of the line.
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