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Bad Boss? Help is Here

People join an organization; they leave a manager. Many organizations refuse to give credence to that statement, preferring to rely on data compiled from exit interviews with departing employees too concerned about "burning bridges" to report the bad behavior of their bosses.

Bad bosses are a reality and a new Web site, Badbossology.com, is completely devoted to protecting people and their organizations from the effects of bad bosses. Unlike the countless sites established as a place for unhappy workers to rant and whine, Badbossology.com provides helpful resources for employees and leaders alike. You'll find information on dealing with bullying, incompetence, harassment, discrimination, and privacy invasion. There are discussion forums for employees dealing with difficult bosses and leaders concerned with protecting their organizations from the fallout of bad managers. On the Solutions page there are links to articles with advice for any situation--everything from a review of John Hoover's book How to Work for an Idiot, to my favorite, How to be a bad boss: 10 Tips for tormenting your employees from the Irish Jobs Column.

Are there really that many bad bosses? According to a recent survey of Badbossology.com visitors, 48 percent said they would fire their boss if they could. Furthermore, 29 percent would like to have their boss assessed by a workplace psychologist, while 23 percent would sign up their boss for management training. Need any more convincing?

If your bosses do not Live By The Values They Profess, check out Badbossology.com.
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