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How Well Do You Deliver Your Vision?

Great leaders Have a Vision and Convince Others To Share It. One critical component when relating your vision to employees is to emphasize common values. But how do you relate a vision like retaining employees to values such as providing fast, reliable package delivery?

That was the challenge for UPS executive Jennifer Shroeger. When she assumed leadership of the company's Buffalo district, turnover was an astonishing 50 percent. Four years later, the attrition rate was down to 6 percent. In an article in the August 2002 edition of Fast Company, Keith H. Hammonds described her unique approach.

Recognizing the importance of keeping employees aligned to the organization's values, Shroeger focused on understanding the demographics of her workforce. For instance, employees over the age of thirty-five spoke, listened, and responded to motivation differently than their younger counterparts. Shroeger points out what most leaders miss--that "what motivates people changes over the course of their careers, so we had to communicate differently to different groups."

Shroeger's advice is spot on, but what I really like is the way she tied her message to the company's overall purpose. Read the article and you'll agree that her plan sounds more like a training manual for UPS drivers than a guide to increasing retention. It's an interesting illustration of connecting your vision to your organization's values.
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