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Pepsi: A Generation Ahead

"Diversity isn't just the right thing to do. It's the right thing to do for our business, and we're committed to making diversity and inclusion a way of life at PepsiCo." -PepsiCo Web site

PepsiCo has demonstrated its commitment to workforce diversity for decades. A long-time leader in hiring women and minorities in professional positions, it was the first Fortune 500 company to appoint an African American vice president. Today, PepsiCo named Indra Nooyi chief executive officer, becoming the largest company by stock-market value with a woman at the helm. Nooyi becomes only the fifth CEO in PepsiCo's forty-one-year history.

One of PepsiCo's guiding principles is to "win with diversity and inclusion." As Nooyi's groundbreaking promotion shows, that statement is not just fizz and bubbles.
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