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What's in a Word?

Lisa Haneberg "demystifies" the word integrity in a recent post on her Management Craft blog. In short, Lisa reminds us that integrity means doing what you say you are going to do.

I truly believe that integrity is what leadership is all about. I've spent nearly three decades in leadership positions, including a nineteen-year engagement with a Fortune 500 bank. I've presided over technology workers and fry cooks, clerical staffs and salespeople, ambitious up-and-comers and working stiffs, highly paid professionals and nonprofit volunteers. I keep returning to the same conclusion: people are searching for leaders with integrity who prove their credibility continuously. And credibility comes from doing what you say you will.

Not only will integrity make you a better leader; it will also give you a higher self worth. I think Lisa sums it up best with the following statement: "It feels great to be in integrity."
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