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Squidoo Is Here

You have got to check out Squidoo, the newest and smartest way of getting information on the Internet. The brainchild of marketing guru Seth Godin, Squidoo lets you discover everything relevant about a subject in one glance, a peek through a lens. A lens is a Web page, a single page, which highlights one person's view or expertise. For instance, visiting the new All Square lens will connect you to everything you want to know about my company, my work, and my views about leadership. The lens for my book, Vital Integrities, shows you reviews, lets you download an excerpt, and tells you how to buy it. You'll find lens about music, business, art, food, games, travel, sports, and everything else. Best of all, you can build your own lens to share your knowledge with the world. The Web just got a whole lot cooler!
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